Big L

New Job (again)

You know what's probably the greatest thing I've accomplished? I have a perfect record of job interviews.
Every job I've applied for, I've gotten. Not kept, obviously, but I've always been offered a position.
Don't mean to brag but I just had to put it out there. I'm not always lucky with everything, but when it comes to job interviews I must be doing something right.

So I got a new job in a warehouse and so far it's been super awesome. All I do is push a wagon around the place and listen to music. People seem really chill, and my bosses are cool people too.
The main hotel job is growing on me too, I know the tasks well enough to never be under serious stress, and my co-workers are all really nice. The general atmosphere is honest and friendly, and even though I keep to myself and occasionally act awkward from lack of practise people seem to accept me anyway.
Mostly I think I've just learned to relax with people, since I'm finally self confident the way I always wanted to be.
It's really starting to bug me though, working extra like this. They call or text when they want me to come in, and if I don't answer right away I lose my chance. I can't make any plans or I might end up not working for an entire week. It's seriously cramping my style to have to stand by at all hours, it makes it really hard to be creative. Can't wait for a proper job.

Woah, lots of months flew by!

So it's been a while! I haven't had much to write about on LJ the last while, but I wanna keep this blog alive.

Short update:
I didn't get into the college I applied for (NCAD) but I did get on the "maybe" list, and I have a half decent shot at getting in in the end anyway. I'll know by August, and everything about that feels even more uncertain and annoying than it did a month ago, so I'm just gonna do the paper work, make other plans and not think about it for now.

I still work as a chamber maid, in two hotels now and am continuously looking for more ways to earn money. Economically I'm pretty much standing still; what little I make, I use for bare boring necessities and not much else.

I did save up enough to go see my girlfriend for 16 wonderful days, and I'm just back in town this week actually. It's bittersweet of course but it was 6 months since she left Sweden so it's done wonders for my mental health :P

My solo comic Foggy Notion is coming along well, I've finished nearly 15 pages and wrote a short epilogue, so it's leaning towards a 70 page comic when it's finally done. Can't wait.

The other comic, Neat Neat Neat, is slowly but certainly getting places as well but there's not much I can say about it right now. It's such a complex, long story it's been giving us both a headache, but things are at least happening now. I've decided to start drawing it again once Foggy Notion is finished, that's about all I can say for now!

Me and Eleen bought a website for the comics which is under construction right now. for future reference. I befriended an awesome guy from France who's promised to give me some hints cuz I suck at making websites.

I'm feeling happier and more strong in general these days, much more hopeful and determined about the future which is making everything easier for everyone involved. I was never depressed or anything, just thoroughly dissatisfied with just about everything. That's gonna change though. I have no more patience with that feeling.
Abbas & Simone

They call me Baby Driver...

When I'm dead and you're all working on the terrific film about my life, remember that all sex scenes must be set to Simon and Garfunkel's "Baby Driver". If you think that's inappropriate, listen to the song.
...please listen to the song.

Hear the key change there at the end? I'm not saying anything. But yanno. Now at least it's out there.
Abbas & Simone

Promises for 2010

Things I'd like to do this year, in no particular order:

1. get a six pack
2. start and finish the sewing course
3. move back to Dublin
4. get into NCAD
5. get over my man problem once and for all
6. finish Foggy Notion
7. get my own website for my comics and things
8. learn to dance
9. buy engagement ring(s)
10. start a feminist women's magazine with my friends
11. go to New York
12. start working on Neat Neat Neat again
13. attend a Pride festival
14. make my girlfriend the happiest person alive
15. be vegan again
16. make a pretty apron
17. read lots of feminist literature
18. join a band
19. be interviewed