No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Woman is only separated from heaven by that which she will not ramp.

29 July
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This is My's work-and-phun blog about trying to make it as an artist, comic book creator, about being broke, trying to get a job and make it out of this country.

I was born and raised in Sweden, finished school here and moved to Dublin where I stayed 1,5 years. I then came back home to take a break from working full time and work on my art projects. I have three comics going at the moment, "Neat Neat Neat" being the main one.
I'll put links here to introductory posts, giving a little more information about the different things I'm working on.
The reason why i wanna make comics is they make a hella lot more sense than any other visual art medium I know of, and since I have a knack for pictures I might as well make the best of it and have fun. I have a hard time imagining myself ever writing a script without feminist under/overtones, cuz there just isn't enough successful people telling those stories.

My grand plan is to a) make it (=get published and not have to work full time all the time) and b) move to Brooklyn with my girl. Hence the title.

These days I listen to a lot of hip hop. That might be good to keep in mind.
Other important things I occasionally write about is music, feminism, working out, my family and my girlfriend.